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Fire Protection Products in Salem, OR

Instant Fire Protection Co in Salem, OR is dedicated to making sure that your home or business is fully protected from a fire. We are highly trained to install and service suppression systems. We can service, repair, and recharge your fire extinguisher and train your staff how to use a fire extinguisher properly. Our service technicians are highly trained and can give you just the help you need with the high quality products you purchase from us.
forestry fire axe in Salem, OR
Forestry fire axe
fire hose in Salem, OR
Fire hose
water mist in Salem, OR
Water Mist
CO2 canister in Salem, OR
fire escape ladder in Salem, OR
Escape Ladder
first aid kits in Salem, OR
First Aid Kids
Kitchen K products in Salem, OR
Kitchen K
Kitchen K products in Salem, OR
Fire Extinguisher Signs

Our Products Include:

  • Amerex Fire Extinguishers
  • Construction First Aid Kits
  • Escape Ladders
  • Forestry (Fires Axes, hoses and pump cans)
  • Fire Extinguisher Cabinets (Larsen, Potter Roemer, Rome, Ex Cab, J.L. Industries)
  • Hydro Testing Cylinders
  • CO2 Cylinders Refilled
  • Fire Signs
  • Inspecta shield (fire retardant for cloth)
  • Pyro Chem Systems
  • Range Guard Systems
  • Buckeye Systems
  • Restaurant and Paint Booth Suppression Systems
  • Scuba Testing Hydro Cylinders
National Association of Fire Equipment Distribution
Oregon Fire Equipment Distribution
NFPA Member 2016-17