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Instant Fire Protection Co in Salem, OR is dedicated to making sure that your home or business is fully protected from a fire.

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Providing Fire Extinguishers For All Of Willamette Valley, OR

Fire Safety Equipment - Fire Extinguishers in Albany, OR
Welcome to Instant Fire Protection Co Restaurants, businesses, commercial, and industrial properties rely on properly functioning fire extinguishers and/or fire suppression systems to protect their lives and properties. Fire marshals, OSHA, and insurance companies require fire protection for the same thing. Instant Fire Protection Co has been dedicated to serving the fire protection needs of the Willamette Valley and Salem since 1960. We are considered front-runners in the fire protection industry and are committed to helping you receive the best possible products and services possible for all of your fire protection needs.

Some of Our Products Include:

  • Amerex Fire Extinguisher
  • Hydro Testing Cylinders
  • Restaurant and Paint Booth Suppression Systems
  • CO2 Cylinders Refilled

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