Need your Fire Extinguishers or Kitchen System serviced? 

We have service technicians who can come to you.
Or you can bring them in to our shop at 3385 Portland Rd NE, Salem OR 97301.

Fire Extinguisher Service Plans

Call today to be placed on an annual fire extinguisher maintenance plan: 503-362-4511. We will remind you one month before your next inspection is due so that you stay in compliance.

Kitchen Suppression Systems

We specialize in the installation and servicing of restaurant and food cart suppression systems. We can also service your paint booth. Call today to schedule your semi-annual maintenance: 503-362-4511

cylinder Hydrotesting

We test and certify all types of cylinders, including fire extinguishers, industrial cylinders, scuba tanks and paint ball tanks. Hydrotesting ensures your cylinder can safely hold its rated pressure, is safe to use, and will perform properly.

CO2 Refills

Instant Fire Protection Co. can test and refill most CO2 cartridges.

If you have CO2 tanks that you no longer wish to use, we accept empty tanks as well. These tanks will be properly recycled or disposed of depending on their usability.

CALL (503) 362-4511 for a free estimate

Comprehensive Customer Service

For more information about our fire extinguisher sales, cylinder hydrotesting, or CO2 refill services, call us today at 503-362-4511. Instant Fire Protection Co is dedicated to safety and to the continual improvement of fire protection and related life-saving products. Trust our trained professionals to provide you with the fire protection items that you need.