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CO2 Refill Services in Salem, OR

CO2 makes an excellent fire suppressant, but businesses that can perform CO2 tank services are somewhat rare. Instant Fire Protection Co. can sell you a new CO2 tank or safely provide a CO2 refill for your fire suppression tanks in Salem, OR.

The Science of CO2 Fire Suppression

Our quality CO2 tanks work by effectively smothering a fire. Carbon dioxide is contained inside the tank in liquid form. Upon this chemical's release, the CO2 eliminates the oxygen from the air surrounding a fire, thus removing the fire's source of fuel. The pressurized CO2 is also extremely cold when released, which can help eliminate a fire and prevent it from reigniting or spreading.

Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are popular because they are effective, easy to use, and relatively safe to both users and the environment. They are a good choice of extinguisher for offices and warehouses because the CO2 will not damage electrical equipment or other delicate items.

Tank Refills and Replacements

Instant Fire Protection Co. is happy to provide several CO2 fire extinguisher services. If you would like to purchase one or several new CO2 fire suppressors, we are happy to provide quality extinguishers at competitive prices. We also offer a CO2 refill service that tests and refills your CO2 tanks so that you can continue to keep your property safe.
If you have CO2 tanks that you no longer wish to use, we accept empty tanks as well. These tanks will be properly recycled or disposed of depending on their usability.

Comprehensive Customer Service

For more information about our CO2 tanks or CO2 refill services, call us today at 503-362- 4511. Instant Fire Protection Co is dedicated to safety and to the continual improvement of fire protection and related life-saving products. Trust our trained professionals to provide you with the fire protection items that you need.